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Canadian Banks getting much more engaged in social media all of a sudden

Canadian Banks never really got engaged in blogs, but all of a sudden four are now engaged in Twitter at different levels and with different approaches that clearly reflect their risk profiles and willingness to engage in the medium.

craigsebastiano Craig Sebastiano

@BMO just started using #Twitter yesterday. @TD_Canada, @CIBCnews and @RBC are also tweeting but #Scotiabank is not

@BMO is the latest to join beginning earlier this week on 17th January.  Its obviously very early, but I was impressed with this tweet.


@CatheP sorry to hear you’ve been a victim of identity theft. If you DM me your contact info I’ll have someone contact you asap.

Relevance to Bankwatch:

You can infer, from reading the four banks that are there, the degree of control from Corporate Marketing versus customer focussed folks.  As I say, it is too early to infer much, but that tweet about identity theft is dead on for this medium.  It does not impart any confidential information, yet reuses the medium (DM me your contact info) chosen by the customer to develop a solution.  Nice.

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Written by Colin Henderson

January 20, 2011 at 16:32

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