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Damascus Syria – situation normal

I was curious to see what the results of the predicted day of rage in Damascus, Syria would be.  Well we appear to have the answer in this translated version of the which I am assuming is a State approved media source (confirmation would be useful).  Note the relevant photo indicating cars travelling as normal and zero pedestrians.  The language, presumed disinformation by State Media and constant blaming of others is something that leaps out.  Or maybe not.

Turns out no-one showed up and according to multiple news sources.

Situation normal.

Translated version of On (emphasis mine)

Source: hard evidence on the existence of activity of the sources to incite anti-Syrian youth through the Internet

Spread the news among the Syrian public invitations to the social networking site "Facebook" for gatherings in the main squares of the cities raises a number of demands which varied in the diversity of these groups, according to "trends" different.

Schedule, which began a media crowd via Facebook and some forums were held on Friday and Saturday, 4 and 5 February, while on the ground did not notice any Astnthaiip Views on the streets or squares during the two scheduled days.

Began the invitations to "Day of Rage" Syrian Arab Republic for more than a week after the events in Egypt recently, without giving the owners of these campaigns on their identity or affiliation while Kano Syrian incite young people to gather in specific places during the days in question.

In response to the owners of those groups, there were dozens of groups that claim to stop such calls, which it described as invitations "tucked and purpose of compromising the security and interests of Syria."

And strove and local media and websites in the detection of standing behind such groups calling for "Day of Rage" in Syria, which was interesting to note that most of its members are from outside Syria, and most of them (if not all) write under a pseudonym. "

And published media reports that he was behind those groups hostile external elements such as Abdul-Halim Khaddam and the names received from the " Aye me , "Israeli and some of the names belonging to known currents of Lebanese anti-Syrian orientation.

In this regard, said the source of the early technical Ba NH "has become today is certainly a lot of contacts and additions that were made for groups calling for the" day of rage "are from the United States and in a Sassi of Israel. "

The source, who did not wish to disclose his name said "the competent authorities has become irrefutable evidence on the activity of the sources of Israel was trying to feed these groups and foster the attempts to contact the Syrian youth through the pages on social networking site Facebook."

The source confirmed that "the authorities of suspicious calls were not heeded by the young Syrian, while the included campaigns refuse to counter chaos and tampering with Ba from Syria, thousands of Syrian youth who participated heavily in these calls within several groups of titles. "

Syrian youth and played down the decision and to the places that have been identified by the owners of invitations for the "day of rage", did not observe any rallies or unusual movement during Friday and Saturday in any of the Syrian cities

Written by Colin Henderson

February 5, 2011 at 15:49

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  1. It is proved, in front of the world eye, that the anti-Syrian organisations do not have a support base at all inside Syria. This outcome is really shameful.

    From today on, no one will look back to the so-called “anti-Syrian organisations.” Leaders of such groups have lost respect from others.

    The Syrian side showed that they are united. You may say this is due to oppression. But you should know that such an excuse is useless because both are the same in politics.

    In contrast, the United States, the EU and Israel are miserably wobbling in the face of political uncertainties in Egypt.

    It is very funny when we think that this is the outcome of the Middle Eastern studies in the United States. The quality of US academics as well as its diplomacy is also in question.


    February 5, 2011 at 17:12

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