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Tracking the consumer evolution of financial services introduces a subtle geo-location element to social interaction

Scoble the other day noted, but he noted in a way that this photo sharing app is much more and different. 

I did not get it at first, then while sitting with a fellow geek in a local watering hole, he was trying to show me what it did on his iphone, then he stopped and said “who is that” – I noted that is the fellow across the table who had just joined us.  That new person automatically showed in his network.

In short color shows you who is nearby, and in addition adds up the people you are nearby regularly into your ‘elastic’ network. 

What is interesting is that it does all that without your having to tell it to upload.  Once you set your preferences it is automatic. 

Relevance to Bankwatch: raised $42 million recently so someone thinks they have something.  I think this app is a step ahead of the rest, and the combination of social and geo-local is subtle and powerful.

There has got to be a financial way to utilise this kind of power based on spending/ planning/ financial habits.

Written by Colin Henderson

April 10, 2011 at 18:57

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