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Google introduction to payments coming Thursday in New York

Payments might just get a little more interesting Thursday when Google promise to introduce a phone based payment method in partnership with MasterCard and Citi.

Google to unveil mobile payments Thursday:

Google invited reporters to attend a "partner event" on Thursday in New York to demonstrate what it called its "latest innovations." It plans to unveil a mobile payments system that will run on the Android operating system and be available on phones from Sprint Nextel Corp, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday.

What could make this interesting is the potential for international coverage.  However the devil will be in the details of implementation.  We know Android as NFC capability.  The question will be what device is on the merchant end and how they get paid.  Has Google found some way to solve that problem?

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Written by Colin Henderson

May 24, 2011 at 21:20

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  1. With the biggest 3 carriers teaming up with ISIS for NFC payments, Sprint was left out to be caught by Google for its NFC payment program. This new mobile payment service will mean that consumers will be able to pay for goods and redeem handsets via specially equipped NFC cash registers. With this update, I am feeling that iphone also will get itself NFC capable in future.

    Rahul Aggarwal

    May 25, 2011 at 01:24

  2. […] Google introduction to payments coming Thursday in New York ( […]

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