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Scotland 2012 (Salmond) is reminding me of Quebec 1976 (Levesque)

As a Scotsman and a life-long supporter of the conservatives, I must note that David Cameron has displayed massive ineptitude in accommodating Alex Salmond and his crazy arguments.   My 92 years old mother refers to Salmond as a windbag.  Windbags should not be accommodated.

The SNP have gone from no-where (in a UK sense) to now defining the next two years.  Its obvious that if Scotland left, then the conservatives would own the next 20 years of general elections.  But that should be a problem to solve for the conservatives, rather than even allowing the contemplation of a country break up.

David Cameron is playing into the SNP’s hands, says Michael Forsyth | Scotsman

DAVID Cameron has played into Alex Salmond’s hands by promising more Holyrood powers if Scotland votes against independence in the forthcoming referendum, former Conservative Scottish secretary Lord Forsyth has warned.

In a strongly worded attack on the Prime Minister, the Tory grandee told The Scotsman that Mr Cameron risked allowing the SNP leader to escape setting out what independence would mean during the run-up to the autumn 2014 poll.

When I came to Canada, the French separatist in Quebec won the provincial election there, and for 30 years +/- that defined Canadian politics yet we all knew what the eventual answer would be, and that landed in 2011 with the elimination of the Bloc Quebecois (think SNP).

Memo to conservatives – ignore Salmond – he is a windbag.

PS .. looking forward to my brothers input.

Written by Colin Henderson

February 20, 2012 at 17:00

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  1. “Memo to conservatives – ignore Salmond – he is a windbag.”

    Excellent! It suits the independence cause perfectly to have dumb unionists underestimate Salmond and his team.

    Peter A Bell

    February 20, 2012 at 17:27

  2. Like a salmon rising to hatching larvae I can’t let this one go by without comment.

    I am surprised and suspicious when the mere mention of ‘independence’ creates such a stir amongst Tory’s and other progeny of the original Norman Knights. A blizzard of reasons why it can’t work – legal, nuclear, defence, debt, cost, social, travel etc – rather than a proper analysis of possible outcomes. A bit like the anti- greens/renewables/global warming/socialist/evolution camps

    Scots are not Anglo-Saxon and have no genetic allegiance to Westminster or the remnants of the Norman ruling aristocracy. There is however tolerance for the monarchy even with the Hanover dislocation to the line of succession.
    For Scots to feel comfortable in their own country they need to have control over the extent of autonomy under the Queen and be responsible for their own successes and failures. The same applies to Wales and Northern Ireland who also have completely separate genetic evolutions.

    Testing the population’s views seems sensible given the complete lack of ruling party representation in Scotland.

    Whatever path forward results from the referendum and subsequent political/legal battles – Status co, Devo-Max, Independance or something else – trying to destroy the debate or influence the referendum will only produce unintended consequences.

    DC (that inflatable doll pumped up by invisible tory investors) is no match for Windbag’s eloquence, negotiation and cliché management skills, DC has already conceded that Scotland can go it alone but that the UK is stronger together than apart. He needs to work on his spin doctors scripts.

    PS ……….. Mum is 91 years old 🙂


    February 21, 2012 at 06:46

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