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Chinks show in the Blackberry armour amongst banks’

The Banks’ loyalty to Blackberry is showing weakness for the first time.   I know of one bank where the senior executives all use ipads.  This will be driving bank IT security folks crazy because they have to consider a web based model versus the safe locked down RIM model.

BlackBerry losing out to iPhone as banks re-assess approach to personal computing policies | finextra

While many of the country’s bank’s and government agencies remain loyal to RIM devices, the study found the first indications of a more flexible approach at Toronto-Dominion Bank. David Codack, TD’s head of employee technology said the bank was re-assessing its BlackBerry-only policy in favour of allowing employees to use personal Apple and Android devices for corporate e-mail.

Written by Colin Henderson

March 25, 2012 at 23:33

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