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RIM must focus on their advantage which is installed base of corporate and government installations

So much has been written about RIM and the previously ubiquitous Blackberry. I see RIM as a solid future potential provided they do one thing.  Refocus.

They must focus on the installed base of government and business customers.  Those customers all have installed Blackberry servers inside their corporate / government networks.  Can you imagine having your server and software working inside the US Government computer infrastructure?  This is an enormous competitive advantage.

I say if I am at Waterloo HQ of RIM, you must throw away all preconceptions about your handsets.  That battle is lost.  Open your eyes, integrate android, make a deal with Apple ios;  you already have the installed base, and the rest is just handsets.  Do not try to re-invent what others have done.

Written by Colin Henderson

April 8, 2012 at 22:57

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