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Chips, NFC and processing slowness

It is good to see someone finally call out card read speed as an issue.  I feel the same about chip speed;  there is a palpable delay after the clerk has packed my, lets say, bottle of wine, and we are both waiting for the response from first the chip, and then the bank. 

Mobile NFC fails TfL’s need-for-speed transit tests

TfL ran successful tests of mobile access using a Nokia handset in 2007, but Verma says that industry changes since then to switch the secure element from the phone to the SIM has slowed the read speed down to above the 500 millisecond cut-off point. TfL’s own Oyster cards operate at a read speed of 300 milliseconds.

The actual technology used for chip and NFC has been developed in a consumer vacuum, it seems, with insufficient thought given to the need for speed.

Written by Colin Henderson

June 3, 2012 at 22:15

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