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Asana announces inbox–“Towards a post-email world”

A pretty lofty announcement from Asana today.  And who or what is Asana you might ask. 

For the last few months we have been using as our project collection and prioritisation tool.  We (ComunityLend) had tried several and our VP Technology came across this one in his research.  Asana is being used by Twitter, Uber, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Rdio, NationBuilder, and Airbnb.

There are several cool web based tools for managing tasks, including the leader 37 signals, and Asana is out to displace them all.  This latest enhancement takes it a step further in their view, by taking task management out of email. 

Announcing Inbox: A Step Towards A Post-Email World Asana Blog

Many of us check email several times throughout every day, trying to stay up to speed and prevent work from slipping through the cracks. But we get lost, trying to piece together critical information, unable to decide what to focus on in an ever-growing sea of noise. Because anyone can add anything to our email inbox, it robs us of our sense of control.

Email is the system we rely on most to be productive, but it has become a counter-productivity tool.

I am impressed by Asana already.  Inbox is an exciting new development.  This will challenge some paradigms but I am looking forward to seeing this new enhancement.  Rollout began today, and it should hit our Asana in the next day or two.

The question as always will be, does it simply shift email strings from gmail into Asana or (my hope) does it eliminate email churn by focussing on project and task status thus eliminating question and update emails.

More to come.

Written by Colin Henderson

June 28, 2012 at 00:18

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