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Where are the “Intelligent Agents” to bring what I need to me?

This is one of the better posts from Scoble.  This is a hard dose of reality.  Nearly everyone is on twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.  As those services grew over the last 5 years, many people challenged the Dunbar rule, suggesting that smart technology interfaces could expand the maximum number that you can keep up with.

The war on noise | Scobleizer

  1. Marketers suck. Including me. Look at my big tech company list over on Facebook. Do you actually learn much?  A little, but marketers push themselves too much, and say too little.
  2. No one is focused on what you want. Including me. I have a list of tech industry investors. Rich people. I want to hear from them about when they talk about investing, the economy, starting companies, trends, that kind of stuff. But do they stay focused? No. They talk about movies. Their vacations. Their kids. And more.

Scoble himself topped out on technology hardware to solve it.  No.  The one thing that does not change is the human  capacity to absorb, and the amount of time available in the day to absorb it.

Back in the day, when we all began speculating about where this internet thing would take us, the one piece that always intrigued me and that never showed up is the idea of Intelligent Agents.

These Agents would be constantly roaming the internets on your behalf giving out just enough information to get answers, and gathering what you want, when you want it. This could be a financial product I need, a coat I need, or a new bike.  The Agent needs to know when I need it, and not to bother me when I don’t.

We see glimpses that try to work around it such as Quora where the intelligence comes from Social interaction and sharing.

But this goes right back to the problem that Scoble articulates.  Its just more noise and not direct to address what he wants and when he wants it.  Despite Scobles comments I always find Twitter quite interesting, but that’s because I deleted everyone a long time ago, then reselected a few sources in the spaces I was interested. (very few).

The Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) concept describes much of what I want at least for commercial purposes, but not built yet.

The challenge cries out for a standard that everyone buys into.  Unlikely.  Analysts of Twitter thought that feed would provide the answer, but with majority of tweets being retweets and not original, I am not sure that’s the answer.

As a company, FaceBook has as much chance as anyone to solve this challenge, but they are still falling into the trap of advertisement placement.  I see Twitter is doing that now too.  Annoying.

Where are my Intelligent Agents!

Written by Colin Henderson

November 20, 2012 at 21:11

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