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This Parrot is dead, gone to meet his maker …

Blackberry has a single unfinanced offer on the table from Fairfax.  Prem Watsa is contributing only the stock he owns, worth about $500M with the remainder of the offer i.e. $4.2Bn with no backer.

Then today this from the FT speaks about the trend of the last couple of years of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).  The article cites Credit Suisse and the massive shift away from Blackberry already which even surprised me. 

BlackBerry suffers as banks switch handsets

The number of BlackBerry phones used by Credit Suisse employees, for example, has more than halved from a high of more than 16,500 two years ago, to 8,500. Meanwhile the number of personal mobile phones used for work at the bank rose from zero to 22,000 in just 18 months.

This is a trend and while there will be diehards who cite security, ease of typing long emails, and other excuses, the reality this train has left the station for most people.  The key here is that this is a systemic change in the device market.  It is not because Blackberry is in trouble.  Rather Blackberry is in trouble because of the shift to proper smart phones and they missed the bus. 

Even banks are not stupid.  The allure of Blackberry 14 years ago was its closed model.  All Blackberry email and PIN communications are routed through their data centre in Waterloo. This walled garden sat well in with the banks security folks because in 1999 internet was relatively new and completely untrusted.  The security aspects can be dealt with in other ways nowadays.  And the only competitor was the Motorola flip phone.

There might be a small market for those who must type accurate long notes such as journalists.  But even there I have no issue with iPhone and spell check.  I am sure android users are the same.  I have not noticed an increase in bad spelling since 2007 – maybe the opposite in fact.

Written by Colin Henderson

September 26, 2013 at 18:41

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