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Google’s way of pushing the limits of the Web as a platform

The tools and platforms available today are expanding rapidly.  So rapidly that it is very hard to keep up. All the more reason that banks, at least all big banks, should have innovation centres that are solely focussed on pushing the envelope with this stuff.  We need to understand what this means and where the opportunities lie for transactional banking.

This geeky article basically says that Google will produce Microsoft Office type functionality in an app that will work on your mobile device or your laptop.  The inference being that the files are stored in the cloud and are accessible anywhere from any device without purchased software.

We are getting further and further away from the concept of packaged software and hard drives.

Google is building Chrome apps support for Android and iOS, beta release coming as soon as January 2014

For those who don’t know, Chrome packaged apps are written in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, but launch outside the browser, work offline by default, and access certain APIs not available to Web apps. In other words, they’re Google’s way of pushing the limits of the Web as a platform, which will soon apparently include mobile.

Written by Colin Henderson

December 4, 2013 at 01:35

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