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Yahoo email redesign being lost in serious outages for users

I don’t know what everyone is complaining about the new yahoo mail design.  I have had an account for years that went into disuse when gmail appeared, however this latest design finally puts it on a par with gmail in terms of interface.

It is minimalist, but rich in function and very fast.  In fact so much so there are times it downright feels like gmail. 

However the big story here is how good and positive app changes can get lost in bad rollout strategies.  Yahoo recently placed Jeff Bonforte of Xobni in charge of Yahoo Mail.  Yahoo recently bought Xobni.  It may or not be co-incidence but these interface changes in October have been accompanied by serious outages now. 

The new design wasn’t really introduced and communicated well to users but now they are being associated with the outages.  On top of that the outages are not being communicated well, and more importantly not being fixed promptly.

A company of the scale of Yahoo needs to be able to fix engineering problems fast.  I hope they do and let users focus on the new design for its merits.

Written by Colin Henderson

December 11, 2013 at 21:32

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