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Latest trends in mobile development platforms from Venturebeat–Facebook API and Javascript big gainers

Venturebeat reviews a report on mobile technology platforms.  The big news is that html5 has dropped in favour of faster native app platforms with Javascript the biggest gainer.  Objective C which was popular in the beginning is dropping in favour.

There is a recognition that we all experience that mobile must launch and run quickly with potentially spotty data connections.

Latest mobile dev trends: Facebook’s mobile API & Javascript are hot; HTML5 & old web architecture are not

Facebook has now swiftly become the most popular social service for devs to connect their apps to, according to the latest mobile trend report from mobile dev platform company Appcelerator. And that’s despite the fact that many developers didn’t even consider Facebook a mobile company several quarters ago in a previous Appcelerator report.

Similarly, developer interest in HTML5 has been on a steady decline for over a year. While HTML5 would allow developers to build apps that could be easily deployed across multiple platforms, it still offers a noticeably less polished app experience compared to native development. Around 60 percent of developers surveyed said they were interested in using HTML5 in their apps, down from a high of 73 percent in mid-2012.

Perhaps related to those two trends, Appcelerator found that devs now view Javascript as the most important programming language for mobile development. 47.2 percent of devs ranked Javascript their No. 1 language, while Java and Objective C trailed with 23 percent and 20 percent, respectively.

Written by Colin Henderson

December 20, 2013 at 00:33

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