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BMO upgrades their iphone app with a completely new interface and it is superb

BMO just released an update to their mobile app which now appears to be a full fledged app and it is quite superb.  I say that based on the look and feel, the functionality, and the app flow. 

It has a nice set of introductory screens highlighting the changes, and the subtlety that is included in the functionality.


But the coolest part is that it feels like a modern app now with slide outs (below) and generally a very clean interface, fonts and presentation. 


Lastly it includes the new ‘book an appointment’ function which I am told is directly hooked into the branch Exchange Calendar. 

Relevance to Bankwatch:

This dramatic upgrade is evidence of how mobile can change even banks.  Mobile is not online banking on a phone.  We know from the many non bank apps that the key is relevant functionality that makes the experience personal, and most importantly in context for each client and what they expect at any given day/ moment.

Anyhow, more later on mobile and banks, but kudos to BMO for this impressive app. 

Written by Colin Henderson

March 4, 2014 at 19:29

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