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Mark Zuckerberg grows up and displays real CEO strategic characteristics

This is a fascinating article. FaceBook is a company with 3,500 employees and 1.2 billion users. The stock price has grown 110% since July 2013. When they change something the impact on people and on the now public company is gigantic. He even has a tentative new slogan:

We’ve changed our internal motto from “Move fast and break things” to “Move fast with stable infrastructure.”

The shift in that slogan exemplifies the theme of the interview. He has matured and understands the power of words and their impact on strategy. More importantly he has accomplished in 18 months +/- a strategic turnaround of astonishing proportions that old guard companies could only dream of and which reflects in the stock price.

In May 2012 when FaceBook launched their IPO the talk was that FaceBook did not get mobile. Today they announced Audience Network which is a state of the art mobile advertising network that builds on the companies shift from a web site based platform to a mobile platform in those few months since 2012.


Written by Colin Henderson

April 30, 2014 at 19:37

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