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PayExpo2014 – Europe’s multi-channel payments event

The subject of payments is a disorderly view of many disparate players, regulations, countries and organizations.

This conference which is chaired by our good friend Chris Skinner has a decent coverage of issues including the poor old consumer and the evolving needs of growing demographic cohorts.

PayExpo 2014 London

What will the payments market look like in 10 years? How does the regulation match up to this? How does the modern day consumer (Generation Y) want to pay for their goods?

If you want an idea of the complexity of the payment landscape then this post earlier today from another event Chris hosted recently is a brilliant example.

Lastly I have to admit I waited till today (15th) for arrival of Kindle version of Chris’s book, because I refused to pick up the hardcopy last September on principle. [it had better be worth it CK 🙂 ]

Written by Colin Henderson

May 16, 2014 at 00:34

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