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Internet of things is being trapped in paradigm of wearables

Off topic for this blog, at least for now is the concept of Internet of Things (IoT). I remain convinced there will be a convergence between IoT and financial services that we just haven’t seen yet.

Meantime wearables based on health matters are the next big shiny thing that fan folks are focussed on.

WEARABLE APPS: Inside The Race To Create A New App Ecosystem

On wrist-worn devices, we believe the health and fitness category will produce the killer apps. The whole field of personal fitness and health apps will boom as the hardware matures and adds more advanced sensors. Dieting apps, workout apps, and medical apps will try out different approaches — e.g., gamification, social media integration, and data visualization — to see what sticks.

Written by Colin Henderson

May 23, 2014 at 00:35

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