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Music artists fight back

Since internet got going it has become a relative given for many that music is free and notwithstanding the impact on artists, great lengths have been taken to subvert old style copyrights. I take no position here on that and its well documented on the fate of music producers, shifts to artist revenue from live appearances, as well as the increasingly technical means to share music yet apparently avoid detection.

There is another shift occurring now, with likes of Beyonce, and now Taylor Swift levering their powerful ‘direct to fans’ social media standing’ and using that to bypass everyone including marketing, in some cases traditional producers and now music streaming services such as Spotify which is the latest target in the music business of Swift.

It will take time to establish how scalable the Beyonce/ Swift counter attacks become and whether less well known artists can ride such waves. It just goes to show that the show will go on, if you pardon the metaphor, and supposed linear shifts are quite jagged with some ways to run.

Written by Colin Henderson

November 5, 2014 at 18:33

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