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Just how easy is it to close down a country’s internet – reprise

I asked this question just over a year ago. What had caught my attention was a post from Renesys indicating the single points of failure in the internet connections to Sudan.

Earlier Estonia, a highly sophisticated user of internet had been shut down, including banks, in what was suspected as a Russian attack.

Now we see North Korea undergoing a sustained attack that is significantly degrading the North Korean internet. The comments from State Department and others are very cautious, and almost denying US involvement, with exception of Dutch Ruppersberger who is probably the wrong guy for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence because of inability to string together more than two words together, and a distinct lack of ability to speak about cybersecurity.

However comments from Dutch on CNN were positively crowing, but he was alone with all others very circumspect.


Written by Colin Henderson

December 22, 2014 at 17:59

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