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Thoughts on the VentureBeat 2015 predictions

Venturebeat along with everyone else has its 2015 predictions out and two of their top five caught my attention.  

  • web design using cards
  • super contextual web

Card Design

Something that tech sites began using a couple of years ago, and banks in Canada are beginning to pick up with BMO leading, and RBC to a certain extent.  Of course industry leader mbank in Poland lead the way in a super simple clear and bright card based interface.

Bank sites, epecially full service banks, have way too much information to house on a home page.  It is essential to place some control and confidence in the hands of the user and allow them to self direct to their general area of interest, and cards are a simple way to achieve.

Super Contextual Web

This is the one that really caught my attention.  Terrible title but right concept. I have been recently travelling in Japan, and the current state of contextual web is pretty obvious and not pretty.  Bascially if I have visited a site, a cookie is planted and adds associated with that cookie follow me everywhere.  I can be on the NYT site, and instead of the usual BMO InvestorLine and Canadian Muklauk ads based on my pre xmas surfing, I now see Shinkansen and JR ads.

The advertising assumption is that if I visited once, then I will continue to be interested therefore continue to pound me with the same ad for x times.

This is a weak assumption.  Better to interpret across what I visit and determine using predictions, what else I might be interested in.

Of course that would require some intelligence, and probably co-operation from ad- jaundiced me.  But the potential for a ‘super contextual web’ exists; it remains to see how that will be accomplished and not sure why 2015 is the year.

PS..  the VentureBeat piece also predicts Smartwatches will be a flop and I can’t let that go despite little evidence to support my view.  The flop view is not a safe assumption in my view.  Apple took the phone and made it into a mini computer, notepad, map, tourist saviour while walking aimlessly around Tokyo etc, etc. No-one expected that of a phone in 2006. The VB prediction is based on what Apple have told us about the iWatch, and on what they have seen from wannabees trying to get out there beforehand.  Time will tell.

Written by Colin Henderson

January 2, 2015 at 23:34

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