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DEC_TECH panel discussion

Bitcoin and Beyond – panel discussion at DEC_TECH

William Mougayar inroduces the panel, and some concepts.

  • bitcoin is a protcol;  a standard – blockchain
  • exhanges
  • wallets
  • trading platforms

Discussing ‘be your own bank’.  Jeff (Kryptokit) is highlighting the idea of deconstructing the math part from banks.  Kryptokit do not hold your bitcoins … their wallet abstracts the holding of the coins from the security around them.  <need to study this more>

Amber (Chief AML Ninja) discussing consumer protection and ensuring their verification methods are valid.  There are no proposals that provide goverance over Bitcoin fiduciaries, i.e. exchanges holding your coins similar to that which apply to Banks.

Adam Nanjee points out that based on his travels, Toronto is a major centre in the world.

Bankers;  when asked there are only 6 out of 350 people from Banks in the audience.  Interesting. 

William asks when the tipping point for banks is going to come.  Adam thinks it is here.

Written by Colin Henderson

March 17, 2015 at 18:07

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