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Nadella is doing the right things but will it save Microsoft

Like many readers I have been following the rise of Microsoft in the 90’s to flatlining when browsers really important due to page speed, and finally when Google made the browser an operating system.

Opening Windows | Economist

Mr Nadella’s formula for reinvigorating Microsoft is to move as quickly and as far as possible away from being a Windows-only company to be a global network of giant data centres that provide a broad range of online services for companies and individuals. So far he has done well in beginning to turn round a supertanker of a company, with 123,000 employees and $87 billion in annual revenues.

Things have changed. We use Microsoft Office and Windows because it is prescribed by our employers. At home we use very different devices and software because they are better.

I wish Microsoft the best but I cant see yet how they make money with free iOS Outlook & Office. At best the hope must be that if they can be free and available on mobile devices that users will be more willing to accept the software they must use at work.

This discussion has to take into account the OS X Pages/ Keynote/ Numbers apps that are just simple to use and highly effective across devices.

Directionally it makes sense what Nadella is doing by becoming cross platform. Cloud is critical but cloud only matters in context of the apps that work for the user to the cloud. Users and employers are not even closley aligned on usage of cloud especially in financial services.

Written by Colin Henderson

April 5, 2015 at 03:06

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