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Scoble gets it right on Tidal

I have kind of lost touch with Scoble since he published on different sites that forced me to follow him. However I still seek him out and fundamentally agree with his philosophy. His commentary on Tidal supports my early agreement with his views.

“Who wants to listen to a bunch of rich people telling you they aren’t getting paid enough?”

Love that. The signs of change. When the old guard (Jayz, Madonna, Usher and other no-name rich people) get together and honestly believe they can be King Canute, well go right ahead. Goodbye Tidal.

What I like about Robert since I have been reading his stuff from early 2000’s is that he is consistently talking about product quality as the sole determinator of future success. If people like what you offer they will buy it. Simple.

The Numbers Don’t lie; Robert Scoble

This is why you don’t attack competitors.

It’s something I’ve seen before (and I learned this in my community college marketing class, back in the 1980s). If I say I hate something, at least 10% of you totally disagree with me and click to check it out. Same if you are a brand.

Tidal was just launched horribly. Spotify’s numbers went up, while Tidal languished.

Why? Who wants to listen to a bunch of rich people telling you they aren’t getting paid enough?

What they should have done is released a bunch of exclusive content on the new service. But it better be content that gets talked about.

Netflix ran to the bank with House of Cards. Why didn’t Tidal learn from that? Exclusive great content is what sells new platforms.

Watch Apple launch a ton of exclusive great content on Beats when it comes out this summer. That’s the competition Spotify and Pandora have to worry about. Tidal is a wounded animal.

Written by Colin Henderson

April 23, 2015 at 01:57

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