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California Business Bank introduces MyCBB

“My CBB is a technology focused internet based bank with a personal touch – concierge level service when you want to speak to a real person” – Peter Braunz, CIO.

In speaking to Peter Braunz, he considers MyCBB is almost unmatched in the industry with their flagship product which is MyCBB Free Checking with interest.

The account offerring is very clear, simple to understand and with no complicated terms. Similarly the all important mobile site is clean and simple.

Making the switch to digital first is a big change for any existing bank and in speaking with Peter the bank has wholeheartedly taken on the challenge to re-present the bank with great success.

This included not small challenges of re-branding, changes to their core systems and to their payments platform.

The offerring deals with the challenge of fully digital or not by combining mobile/online with concierge call centre service. The public web site uses the latest endless vertical stream approach.

Some of the other features from the bank;

MyCBB is a technology focused bank for the smart consumer. Like you, we believe that accounts without fees and good rates are not mutually exclusive. We are dedicated to giving our customers great products, on a great mobile and online platform, at great rates. At MyCBB you won’t find hidden fees, teaser rates, or poor customer service. Technology when you want it, concierge level service when you want to speak to a real person. Banking for you. MyCBB is a division of California Business Bank.

No hidden account fees or bait and switch rates.

has a nationwide network of surcharge free ATMs – free access to over 24,000 ATMs nationwide

MyCBB is customer focused – employees dedicated to providing our customers great products, competitive rates and a friendly service with a personal touch.

Written by Colin Henderson

May 15, 2015 at 12:56

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