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GCHQ marks the importance of Alan Turing in a symbolic gesture

This is definitely in the so sad, but never too late category.

Alan Turing is a god to anyone who knows anything about computing history. He also happened to be one of the single greatest contributors to the Allied victory over the Nazi’s as documented in the recent film “The Imitation Game”. His brilliance is obvious.

“Turing was elected as a fellow at Cambridge at the age of 22, and he published his most influential paper, “On Computable Numbers,” at 24.

While his brilliance is undoubted, the film takes liberties no doubt to make it more viewable for mass audiences.

It is unfathomable to us today that a mere 7 years following the war in 1952 Turing was found guilty of homosexuality and chemically castrated. He committed suicide shortly thereafter.

The most symbolic gesture in his remembrance is not the movie. GCHQ which is basically the great grandchild of Turing’s work, today marked the occasion.

Written by Colin Henderson

May 17, 2015 at 17:45

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