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Google I/O

I’m watching Google I/O and some interesting developments. Watching on Apple TV and nothing blew up so far.

Biggest item of note.  Mobile is not a section of the conference.  Mobile is the conference with Android front and centre.  There is much voicing between comparisons on iOS and Android and I’ll avoid that  here are some real differentiators from Google

Some notes:

  • Android pay- super simple especially when tied to fingerprint recognition. This outs pressure on hardware manufacturers to get on with this feature.
  • type c USB support for Android
  • sleep mode that provides long battery usage
  • Watches – even have a Brit announcing. Watch is always on but still careful with battery usage. Another continuation of battery conservation. Map remains on he watch while walking around. “Just a glance away”.
  • Emoji recogniser- there seems to be a mini emoji battle underway. Probably advantage Google on that.
  •  Nest: Internet of things. + android and Chrome. OS and communication layer. Project Brillo. Derived from Android but at the kernel layer. Minimal system requirements, board silicon support and sting security support.
  • Internet of things that talk to each other. Standardized schemas. Door, lock, camera with consistent communication schemas.
  • Example: recipe app using Brillo can turn on your Brillo enabled oven.
  • Brillo is scaled down version – Weave is full stack
  • machine learning investment: deep neural networks
  • 30 layers involved in image search using machine learning.
  • Google Now and Inbox providing everything you need in context of moment
  • aparna from Google now
  • last train home in Tokyo
  • new open house in your neighbourhood
  • etc
  • understand your context
  • What, where you are and when
  • context engine
  • 100 million places
  •  Google knowledge Graph
  • 100 billion entities from restaurants to baseball teams
  • infonfrom apps ingested into Google Now
  • Now on Tap – new capability
  • whats his real name ( knew listening to Skrillex)
  • somewhat similar to force press on new Mac. Offers context of a word by holding it longer on mobile. Slick and not hardware dependent.
  • Understands get the dry cleaning from chat and creates a reminder.
  • Available to developers. Wonder where this’ll go. Visions of Tom Cruise and Minority Report
  • context of the moment
  • Now – Photos
  • Google Photos
  • home, organize, share and save
  • auto organize by people or places
  • auto group by person
  • snowstorm in Toronto – searches photos that match Toronto and snow
  • select and get a link – still shows the photos in high quality
  • unlimited storage for free (my brother will appreciate that)

Written by Colin Henderson

May 28, 2015 at 21:38

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