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Apple WWDC 15

Its Apple WWDC 15 day, and I watched the keynote tonight of course on my Apple TV which was handily added for the event. The detailed engineering stuff is handled over the week in ‘tracks’.

Back to the keynote. First off was software upgrades for OS X (El Captane) and iOS 9; both coming this autumn, with a summer customer beta. As expected not too much realy exciting except speed and efficiency. They have introduced Apple Metal which a method of bypassing Open GL and basically ensuring apps interact more efficiently with the computer.

There are updates for some apps including Notes which is long overdue.

Other new stuff which comes mainly with the new OS’s and before they got to the big event, Apple Music.

  • Apple Pay launching in UK with most of the big banks. A quick scan suggested Barclays is missing. Luanching in 100’s of retailers including the London Tube and buss service.
  • A News app that replaces Newstand
  • ipad multitasking
  • Proactive Assistant which I desperately hope they rename. It works to co-relate your own data, documents, calendar, email, and related information such as weather to provide in context guidance for your day. This will draw inevitable comparisons witg Google Now and really there is none. Apple went to great lengths to note that any update in PA for things like weather never used your Apple ID. Its a different model and narrower in focus.
  • significantly improved screen handling. Have to see this in action. This was a feature that was offerred with big splash with Windows 7 and pretty much flopped as too complicated to remember all the keystrokes.
  • improved Safari with a new feature that allows you to clip favourite sites in the bar providing access with a click.

Then Apple Music. Hard to get excited until we see it, and it was too compicated with Apple Music, Beats1 a radio station, and @connect to allow new and old artists to upload stuff and generally interact with fans.

They brought on Toronto’s own Drake to announce Connect and he was so nervous which was surprising. I suppose Apple can overwhlem anyone. I dont see Connect taking over the existing social media sites, but who knows.

Apple Music apppears to be a straming service for $8.99 pm in US so $12.99 in Canada is my guess. This one could be big. Beats1, ho hum.

And someone please Tell Tim Cook to stop saying ‘we are so excited’.

Back to the beginning, I am most looking forward to the OS upgrades. Big reductions in battery usage, and faster loading apps are the simple promise there and as expected from this WWDC.

Written by Colin Henderson

June 8, 2015 at 19:44

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