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Music and how we listen to it

The whole music streaming thing is becoming one of the the next big things. There are lots of apps out there and when Apple announced Apple Music it seemed clear they could leap above the fray.

This piece at recode exemplifies what has bothered me. Simplicity.

In Battle of Streaming Music Services, Simplicity Is the Killer Feature

In the battle of the streaming music services, when most of them can claim the same number of tracks, offline listening, a multi-platform approach and some basic cloud services, the standout feature might just be the least sexy: Simplicity.

Of course there is complexity to deal with:

  • my existing Apple Music
  • Internet Radio (why now)
  • Social media interactions with musicians

Somehow Apple launched so many features simultaneously that its confusing, and more importantly killed their opportunity to take the lead.

I think that companies including Apple do not appreciate the ability of folks to adapt. I have seen it from LP’s to cassettes to CD’s to mp3’s to iTunes. No problem. Just make it clear that the next step is to pay per month for streaming. End of job.

The complexity of British DJ’s, American headset manufacturers and social media interaction with musicians is completley ignoring the fact i want to listen to music.

Lastly … the elephant in the room – fidelity. A friend recently pointed me to It is double the price at $20 pm but the CD sound quality is superb. I have tried multiple tracks on Apple Music and on Tidal. It is night and day.

Instead of breadth of confusing features Apple should lead the way with simple streaming of music and include a lossless CD option. The Apple base would accept that naturally and life would be easier.

For now I don’t see Apple Music getting traction and taking users from Spotify/ Rdio etc becuase Apple Music is too complicated.

Written by Colin Henderson

July 5, 2015 at 01:46

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