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Apple Pay accepted wherever Interac Flash is accepted, despite Apple’s own messaging

I am glad it is not just me that was confused about Apple Pay in Canada and where it is accepted. Remind me not to read marketing messages and lemming blog posts again. Even the Apple page is confusing with their “Coming Soon” section, which I now assume must be referring to online Apple Pay Interac Debit (online purchases such as Foodora).

Here is the punchline; Apple Pay works everywhere Interac Flash (Tap) is accepted. I have verified this over last few days, and am delightfully surprised with the convenience and simplicity.

myWPEdit Image


I do not know where the “only accepted at Tim Hortons” meme came from but lets consider that banished forever!

There is a decent explanation at Interac.

TD Canada, BMO, Scotiabank Launches Apple Pay for Visa, Debit Cards

Chad • a month ago

At LCBO today I said “credit” and pulled out my phone. The cashier said they don’t accept Apple Pay… I told him I’d used it yesterday at the same location (which I had) and he replied that management said not to accept it… it was ridiculous! Didn’t want to get into arguments I can’t win but it was an unpleasant surprise. Time to go to a different location next time.

Written by Colin Henderson

July 12, 2016 at 04:28

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