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The Tragically Hip farewell concert in Kingston brings Canada to a standstill

Few outside Ontario Canada know about this.  I watched as the national broadcaster CBC showed it ad free.  This was up there with the <a href=””>Cream farewell at the Albert Hall</a>.

I admit to not even being a Hip fan.  They just were not that big in western Canada where I spent my early time.  But somehow they were always there, and the music is in your bones if you lived in Canada.

Gord Downie is diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, and that does make this an actual farewell.

btw, The Hip, aka Downie lyrics, are the only band that will require access to wikipedia to know what the hell he is talking about.  Brilliant !!


Canada, yes the entire country, stood still and put even the Olympics aside for a moment.

The secret rules of engagement are hard to endorse

When the appearance of conflict meets the appearance of force

But I can guarantee, there’ll be no knock on the door

I’m total pro here, that’s what I’m here for

I come from downtown, born ready for you

Armed with skill and it’s frustration, and grace, too

Written by Colin Henderson

August 20, 2016 at 23:37

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