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DDoS attacks at unprecedented levels hit Krebs

DDoS attacks are little understood by most, yet pose a significant threat to our online lifestyle.

Brian Krebs is an independent journalist who has singlehandedly sought out bad actors performing security attacks varying from online ransomeware to Mexican ABM card skimming. has been hit over the last couole of days with DDoS on a scale that he indicates is unprecedented. The scale is over 600Gb per second – this in comparison to previous large attacks in the 200 Gb range. Furthermore the methods used indicate botnet leveraging of applicances previously never considered. These include personal home routers, which have never changed their default username/password combinations (admin/admin etc).

The scale is such that Akamai who had previously offerred free support, have backed off that free support.

The attacks against Krebs are personal it would appear based on the detective work he has performed. The scary part is just that. By only going after him now suggests the bad actors always could and just didn’t bother until now.

Ars Technica

The crippling distributed denial-of-service attacks started shortly after Krebs published stories stemming from the hack of a DDoS-for-hire service known as vDOS. The first article analyzed leaked data that identified some of the previously anonymous people closely tied to vDOS. It documented how they took in more than $600,000 in two years by knocking other sites offline. A few days later, Krebs ran a follow-up piece detailing the arrests of two men who allegedly ran the service. A third post in the series is here.

Written by Colin Henderson

September 25, 2016 at 00:05

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