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To wear a mask or not

The discussion on masks is crazy. I really do not understand why a group of intelligent people running WHO, CDC, US Government, Canadian Government, etc etc cannot come to a common conclusion for something so simple.

Now they are shifting position to a yes; please wear a mask.

My position is unchanged since January when I ordered masks.

If I wear a mask:
1. I have some protection from other peoples nasal ’droplets’.
2. Other people have some protection from my nasal ‘droplets’.

It is not perfect but it is always better than no mask. I have heard arguments such as:
– mask usage is compromised if not worn properly
– droplets might sneak around the edges
– only professionals know how to wear a mask

None of these discussion points would suggest to any intelligent person that masks do not work. In the hands of amateurs they are not perfect but the protection afforded is always greater than the zero benefit of wearing no mask.

This is the kind of debate that introduces conspiracy theories on mask availability, cover up of poor planning and other operational issues. At best the ‘no mask’ brigade were being disingenuous.

Written by Colin Henderson

April 6, 2020 at 09:26

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