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Battery Day – who would have thought !

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With that cryptic tweet, Musk lays the door wide open for Battery day on Sep 22nd. We think about Tesla making electric cars. More and more it looks like a power company that manufactures cars and trucks, from a platform that fulfils the sustainability requirements of ESG investment criteria.

More to come. Here are some quick soundbites.

When I look at and the detail in the Powerwall section that covers features exited in a data centre, we see:

  • back up
  • redundancy when the grid is down
  • recharge with clean energy when linked to solar
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply: appliances running without interruption

Tesla is evaluated as part of the auto sector.

  • One million mile battery: the Tesla 2019 Impact Report, released in early June, certainly reinforced that impression when it emphasized the environmental advantages of a “future Tesla vehicle with a million mile battery.
  • public grid; Tesla goes further with two-way connectivity to the national power grid
  • high tech: was computers – now batteries – Tesla Gigafactory

In reality Tesla sits in the clean energy sector, or even may be defining a sector that we have not yet seen, based on the ties to the power grid, self dependence during emergencies and the satisfaction in being self sufficient in the area of power which has been a Government utility offerring for many years,

There are similar traits to Apple with the knowledge of front to back manufacturing under Tesla specifications.

All this to say the hype for Sep 22nd will make it an interesting day.

Written by Colin Henderson

September 15, 2020 at 15:54

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