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Question for Zopa | is that 10K registered or 10K real customers?

Zopa are reporting 10,000 members in their US service. At first I was highly impressed and pleasantly surprised, however on reflection, I now question this number.

Is it:

  1. registered members with investments or loans at Zopa? (lower but a ‘real’ number)
  2. registered users of the site (always a higher number)

Both numbers have importance, but the Finextra press release is written to suggest that the 10k number relates to 1. but I am betting now that it relates to 2.

I can’t locate this info on Zopa’s blog, something I also find odd … so am posting here.

Anyone from Zopa care to comment and clarify?

Finextra: Zopa reports 10,000 US members

After its first full quarter of operation in the U.S., Zopa, an online lending company that uses the power of community to help people reach their goals, has reached a number of significant benchmarks for success.

In addition to growing to more than 10,000 US community members, a number of Zopa borrowers have actually achieved a negative effective rate on their loan.

Written by Colin Henderson

May 3, 2008 at 13:34

Posted in Social Lending, zopa

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