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Bank of America web site is completely down – 11:30am

This is a most unusual sight!  Makes me wonder if there is some bigger problem going on in the background?


Written by Colin Henderson

January 14, 2011 at 11:42

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Bank of America helps recession-hit customers | new web site earns cash back

Nice to see a positive story with this release from BofA.  I have been critical of them recently, of their public face, so good to see the work is going on behind the scenes to create new ideas.

Bank of America ‘online mall’ targets crunched online shoppers | finextra

Bank of America is looking to attract recession-hit customers with the launch of a new Web site that allows users to earn cash back on purchases at a host of online retailers.

Written by Colin Henderson

March 10, 2009 at 23:14

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Is the stock market telling us the obvious | industrial revolution has arrived

The economy is all we think about at the moment.  I prefer to see this as a systemic shift in business, with old business disappearing and a better system appearing.

A company I have watched since internet appeared in a big way is Amazon.  Quietly they re-invent things, starting with books, moving to other consumer goods, then to virtual storage, virtual servers, and virtual databases.  More recently the Kindle.  This is not a co-oncidence.  There are no Amazon stores. They are a genuine internet company.

Anyhow, I plugged into Google Finance with Amazon, eBay, Dow, Borders (just in case it was a book thing) and Bank of America. I mapped this from 1999.

The graph looks like there are only two companies – no – aside from ebay and Amazon the others are all in that dark line at the bottom.  They don’t even show on the scale alongside the first two.

We are in an industrial revolution here – the other companies are relegated to dead according to the market.


Relevance to Bankwatch:

How much of this is recession versus a restatement of businesss, as business 2.0.

Written by Colin Henderson

February 24, 2009 at 20:52

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