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US antitrust is the devil

Fascinating insght into US antitrust thinking that is quite mind boggling.  They actually believe that the antitrust case against Microsoft promoted Google Chrome and Firefox!  This is a great example of reverse analysis thinking where the result rationalises the approach.

Microsoft Internet Explorer became huge because it was better and faster than Netscape.  That was 1996.  Time passes and IE became known as slow.  Firefox emerged, followed by Chrome  I see no connection to antitrust stuff here.

My Interview With Antitrust Expert Gary Reback: Google’s Looming Antitrust Issues | TechCrunch

One interesting insight from the conversation: I ask Reback if he thinks we’d be in a better world if Microsoft had in fact been broken up into two or more companies as was originally ordered. His response – “no.” The investigation and lawsuits themselves, he said, did enough to force Microsoft’s hand and allow browsers like Firefox, Chrome and others to blossom.

Written by Colin Henderson

July 5, 2009 at 02:32

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