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Reset time

Its obvious we all have the  “too much information but its all good stuff” problem.

It has been driving me crazy and I have tried:

  1. lables and categories in my RSS reader (Google Reader)
  2. watching other sources such as twitter, friendfeed, newsgator, feeddemon
  3. integration tools within gmail using greasemonkey scripts
  4. adding to Google Reader so that I would use the built in search (never happened)
  5. others too many to mention

Bottom line.  If your target is to source and mine information incremental improvements fail, at least for me.  Adding to existing sources just adds to the problem of more data and information.

Then I attended a talk with a colleague and friend Thursday given by Gong Szeto (amazing talk by the way – looking forward to his book) which made me realise its too easy to miss the larger picture.  Gong was talking about stuff and concepts that were not that new, but were not showing up in my Google Reader today.  I realised that I get the majority of daily news that I happen to need from other news subscriptions that I follow daily, but am missing the “bleeding edge” stuff.

So today I deleted everything from my Google Reader … empty.  Then I installed a few that I could remember were important.  I am up to 14 feeds so far.  I had 397 before.  My new target is to stay within 25 feeds.   If i see new ones, then others have to go.  If those 25 produce 1 or 2 decent posts daily then that would be obvoiusly enough to keep me going if I were to read them all.

Today feels good.

Anyhow thats my latest strategy.  I am curious to hear how others deal with information, especially in the financial space.

Written by Colin Henderson

May 9, 2009 at 16:48

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