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A complete stranger told me … | The power of wesabe

A sobering and powerful post on the power of social media for financial services. [hat tip mmpartee]

Such advice is interesting. At first glance one might ask whether it is serious. On the other hand would this not at least make a person sit up and take note. And what if others chimed in and the average response was that the advice was correct?

If we consider the development of Linux, where people participate and improve the system because they want to. Such selfless assistance is natural and a proven model.

Cogent Thoughts » Blog Archive » Social Media vs. Advisors (round 1)

A complete stranger whom I’ve never met told me the other day that my retirement plan was not appropriate for my investment objectives. I met this “stranger” on, a site that describes itself as:

“An online community of real people just like you, with real financial goals and concerns.”

Written by Colin Henderson

July 17, 2008 at 10:07

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